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April - BETTY


Betty is a beautiful, 8 year old tortoiseshell cat. Occasionally Betty can get up to mischief when she is out and about and our story tells of one recent incident.

In early January Betty somehow managed to get one of her back legs stuck in some football goal netting.  She had cut her foot quite badly and then made it worse by licking it. Betty was initially seen for treatment at one of our out of hours clinics.

She returned to our Tadley surgery for further treatment the next day.  Betty had wounds from her foot to her ankle on her left leg. It was likely that a lot of the skin would die away over the next few days as it had been so badly damaged. Betty’s foot was cleaned, given therapeutic laser treatment to encourage healing and then bandaged. This would need to be repeated every 2-3 days for several weeks under sedation.

Initially more skin did die away and there was concern that if the foot did not heal, amputation would need to be considered. Thankfully quite quickly the area began to heal and with every bandage change it looked better and better.

Although Betty was not keen on her vet visits she managed pretty well at home with her bandaged leg. After 4 weeks of bandaging Betty was feeling much better and wanted to try and remove her bandage herself! The bandages were also rubbing in certain places on her leg which is a common problem with long term bandaging. The foot although not fully healed was looking much better and it was time to try leaving the bandage off. Betty would need to wear a collar and additional pain relief to try and avoid her traumatising the foot as much as possible whilst it was still healing. It was difficult to start with because she would try to get to it but Betty was happy to have her leg back.

Several weeks later Bettys foot is nearly completely healed and her hair is growing back. We hope Betty stays safe when she is next out and about!

Betty's owners add:

“The treatment that Betty has received from GP vets and Vetsnow has been outstanding. Their love and compassion for our beloved family pet has been comforting to all of us during the long period of Betty’s recovery. We  are grateful for all of the hard work and dedication Betty has received from GP staff which has saved her leg!”