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Tilly had a huge impact on our team here at GP Vets and although she is no longer with us, her mum and dad would like ti share her story with you. RIP beautiful Tilly!

Our Beautiful little Tri-coloured Jack Russell
Tilly came into our lives in the August of 2001 where it was clear from the start that she had a very confident, loving, sweet and kind nature, who was full of fun and very cheeky! Tilly loved her walks, to play with all of her toys, running around in the garden with her football (in her younger days) but her favourite was her baby Kong filled with Peanut butter! Always knew when we were cooking Chicken, she was always there right beside one of us as not to miss out on her share! Her first family day out was to Bournemouth. Tilly was 3 Months old and loved the car journey, it’s as if she knew even then that she was going on a new adventure. From then on Tilly just wanted to be with us all the time and because she was so calm and took everything in her stride, she could and Tilly made sure that she would! Anywhere that was dog friendly, Tilly came along and she always thoroughly enjoyed herself.
At 4 months old Tilly came into season early and for 6 weeks had a severe stomach upset. This was the start of many in her lifetime. From March 2002 we started to notice that Tilly’s skin had become very itchy, her eyes were swollen and sore and she suffered fur loss on her paws and legs. Tilly was diagnosed with a food intolerance and allergies. From then and over the years Tilly was put on medication, specialist shampoo for her inflamed, itchy skin and a hypoallergenic diet but still suffered bouts of sickness, diarrhoea and persistent allergy problems. As she got older her food intolerance started to affect her liver and kidney readings and an ultrasound showed that Tilly’s small intestine had become very inflamed and swollen. She also suffered two bouts of inflammatory pancreatitis. Due to this Tilly’s diet was changed to an anallergenic diet where her symptoms improved greatly and stabilised, which also seemed to help with her skin allergies too. She did still suffer bouts of stomach inflammation but with the help of continued medication, thankfully these were few and far between.
All through these times all the team at GP Vets, Tadley were wonderful, especially Vet Sue Stacey who often went above and beyond to treat Tilly’s symptoms throughout the years, which were often severe. We would have not been able to care for Tilly and know what to do when Tilly was so poorly without Sue Stacey’s help, constant support and advice, which was always very much appreciated.
Tilly was a very courageous, determined dog. She never gave in even when she fell very ill in December 2016, Tilly was 15 years old at the time and through her old age had become blind, deaf and suffered some weight loss. We were told to our dismay that the prognosis was poor and that she may not make it. To our delight she came fighting back after a short stay as an in-patient at GP Vets, Tadley under the constant care of Sue Stacey and the Nursing team. That was Tilly a real little fighter, who loved her life and fought to stay with us even when she was so poorly. We would never have thought that such a sweet, kind dog would have such strength in her little body to come through it all at such an old age and we were so very proud of her.
Sadly our little Tilly passed away on the 6th July 2017. She was 16 years old (122 in Dog years) we miss her dearly and think of her every day, we know that we were truly blessed to have her in our lives, she really was the bravest, sweetest and kindest little dog and we are so very proud that GP Vets of Tadley are honouring Tilly as Pet of the Month for October 2017… Tilly was and will always be our little canine angel.

Sue Stacey tells us “Tilly was our unanimous choice as pet of the month for her longstanding zest for life, She was very tiny, weighing a maximum of just over 4 kg when young, but had the heart of a lion. Tilly had to battle skin and digestive issues throughout her life, which at times threatened to overwhelm her.  But always she battled through and was never willing to give up, so neither did we.  A very low allergy food with medical support helped to keep her stable with occasional episodes of being hospitalised when needed.  The unstinting support of her owners enabled her to bounce back whenever her health declined and we were thrilled to be presented with her 16th birthday photograph this summer.  Tilyl visited us regularly to keep her well and was a very popular visitor.  However frail she became, her mind was still as sharp as always and she inevitably brought a smile to everyone.  She will be long remembered and we very much appreciate her owners' permission to allow her to be our pet of the month".

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