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Welcome to GP Vets

GP Vets are based in Basingstoke and Tadley. On our website you will find details of the practice and the services we offer. Follow this link for examples of our prices.

Budget monthly & save

Our Healthy Pet Club provides the routine care your pet will need throughout the year. It also allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments and make substantial savings.

Petplan insurance

At GP Vets, we are delighted to offer Petplan Pet Insurance as part of our commitment to the best possible care for our clients and their pets. See our dedicated pet insurance page.

Special Offers

FREE Tick Remover for all of Bertie’s Healthy Pet Club Gang and a FREE Charm for Gang Member’s Seresto collars!

10% off ALL Flea and Tick Medication during May!


Special Offers


We are excited to now offer this surgery at GP Vets.  This procedure is suitable for all breeds and sizes and allows the surgery to take place in the comfort of the GP Vets surgery.


Pet of the Month


Hudson is a wonderfully bright, very handsome 18month Border collie who has experienced more than his fair share of health complications. In the short time that Hudson has enriched the lives of his daddies Simon and Dean, he has undergone: 5 separate series of x-rays, shoulder surgery at a specialist referral centre, multiple seizures resulting in a visit to the emergency Out of Hours Vet, a diagnosis of epilepsy and orthopaedic surgery to repair a ruptured cruciate ligament. Hudson’s most recent surgery, performed by our very own Mr Wray, was further complicated by his recent epilepsy diagnosis. Whilst currently stable and taking regular medication to control his seizures, Hudson’s condition meant that we had to adjust our practice protocol for pre-medication so the drugs given would not exacerbate things.

In spite of everything Hudson has faced of late, he remains an absolute sweetheart who is always happy to visit us here at GP Vets. 


Charity of the Year

We recently presented a cheque to Mark Keville in the sum of £3360 from our fundraising and matched giving from GP Vets over the last year.  Watch this space for details of the charitable activities planned for the coming months!